Friday, September 10, 2010

Smells Like..Lollies

Out of all of the expensive perfumes I own, I'm shocked to admit that I am always being complimented on the more economical ranges of perfume. Enter Britney Spears. I must say that, although I can't stand her behavioural qualities, I adore her range of perfumes. I own Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy. Midnight Fantasy is the most recent one I have added to my collection of perfumes and it comes with a good review by me. It's sent is young and girly. Fantasy smells very pretty, floral and fresh, while Midnight Fantasy smells a lot like lollies. Let’s face it, who wouldn't want to smell that delicious? I love these perfumes and think that they would make a lovely present or a super sweet treat for you. If you’re looking for a young, fresh smell then the Britney Spears range is for you.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to get Fab long lasting nails


I'm certain that you would absolutely love this beauty product as it is proberly my favourite! Sally Henson's 4-1 complete care nail treatment is a nail strengthener polish. I always wear it to ensure my nails are long and 100% glamourous. Don't believe me? Try it your self  you will be pleased with the results.

The Award For The Most prestigious long gown goes to...

The Winner for the most prestigious long gown entered in the Australian fashion Awards 2010 is this beauty designed by Sue Shulz. I, like the judges, also fell in love with this gown. As the model walked down the catwalk the dress gave the illusion that she wasn't walking, she was gracefully flying. A truly gorgeous dress design.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lara Stone's Gap Teeth: A Modelling Revolution

Models: Men and women who show off designer clothing by strutting their stuff on catwalks, they sell products though advertisements, do cover shoots for magazines and are thought to set the look of beauty. Kate Moss was one of the biggest influences of the modelling world. She set the standard of extraordinarily skinny models. This concept soon became the look for modelling world. While many models do everything they can to look "perfect" sometimes individuality can get you all the recognition you need. I have recently picked up on a new phase that is currently shocking the modelling word, gap teeth. I've been seeing it everywhere, from the latest Chanel commercial to the face of Rimmel London cosmetics. The model with the most success, mainly from her unique gap teeth, is Lara Stone. This Dutch model ironically has even been on a mag cover alongside Kate Moss. During her career, which shot up in 2006, she has been involved with names like Chanel, Victoria Secret, Calvin Klein, D&G, Marc Jacobs and much, much more. At first thought I didn't like the gap tooth look, but now I realise that that's the essence of its beauty. Its eye catching ways are remarkable. It is a bold, fashionable, stand out statement, which I admire. In fact, I realise a moral in this trend; rather than despise the things that make us unique we ought to embrace them, as they make a statement which only we, individually, can flaunt and show off to the critical world in which we live in. Cheers to Lara Stone and everyone’s individuality in this crazed world of fashion.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nude is the new Black

Dear Readers,

During my participation of Fashion Awards Australia I couldn't help but to find out the next big thing for Spring. Nude! No I don't mean lets all get naked and arrested for flashing peps. I'm talking about this colour becoming the new black. It was on majority of the best dress designs and no wonder why! It truly gives a stunningly fresh look to any spring outfit. So ladies and gents if your preparing for a shopping spree remind yourself to buy something nude for that new spring wardrobe. :-)


welcome fashionistas to my blog!

To my radient readers,

My name is Dilara and I am here-by starting my own blog on everything involved in the glamourous industry of fashion. You readers, will be the first to know everything their is to know about the lastest clothing, make-up, hot seasonal trends, marvalous models, skin care treatments, fitness promising workouts and up n coming designers. My inspiration to write this blog was  found during my modelling experience at the 2010 Australian Fashion Awards. As the designer that I was modelling for, Cathy Nguyen (I swear if you havn't heard of her in 8 years time you must be living underneath a rcok), recommended that I start a blog to kick start my career as a fashion journalist. A warning: I plan on making this blog an addictive must-read, so you may want to save this fabulous blog in your favourites list.

Lots of Love